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Is Splashoff() Required To Reclaim Memory?

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Is SplashOff() required to reclaim memory?

I'm using AutoIt v3 build 101 published 11-Mar-2004

For example, at the end of a .vbs program it is important to do cleanup.

For example:

Set colDisks = nothing

Set objDisk = nothing

Set objWMIService = nothing

Set objNetwork = nothing

Set objOutLogFile = nothing

Set objFileSystem = nothing

So, I've been wondering if there are things that need to be cleaned up at the end of an AutoIt v3 script?

For example, when a script uses a SplashTextOn, the Splash closes itself when it sees the Exit command, so I don't bother issuing a SplashOff(). Am I causing memory leaks by not issuing a SplashOff() before Exiting? Is it considered better form to issue a SplashOff()?

Thank you,


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No. Autoit3 will cleanup the Splash hWnd on Exit, if one exists. It also keeps track of open files, though you should close them yourself...


Thank you Larry.

AutoIt v3 is terrific. I love AutoIt v3 and AutoIt-GUI.


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