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How can I report a bug to Microsoft?


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How can I report a bug to Microsoft?
I tried the feedback tool but received no response.
My problem is this:
If I want to make the previous version of a file available again via filehistory, the alternate data streams (ADS) are missing.

Here a reproducer of the problem:

@rem When I restore a file from filehistoty, the alternate data streams are no longer available.
@rem Here's an example: (store it as "Feedback.CMD")   not "Feedback.bat" !!

@rem create a file with alternate data stream (ADS) included and display it
@echo @for /f "delims=" %%%%F in ('dir /R %~dpn0.bat ^^^| find  /C "$DATA" ') do @set mycount=%%%%F >%~dpn0.bat
@echo @if .%%mycount%% == .0 @echo Invalid copy of %~dpn0.bat. No ADS found. ^& pause ^& goto :eof >>%~dpn0.bat
@echo Notepad %~dpn0.bat:txt >>%~dpn0.bat
@echo This is the content of %~dpn0.bat:txt >>%~dpn0.bat:txt

rem now we call the BAT file. Press Enter
call %~dpn0.bat

@echo Now run a filehistory to save the %~dpn0.bat file
@echo Then alter the %~dpn0.bat file with NOTEPAD to force a filehistory-save.
@echo Recall the older version of %~dpn0.bat and execute it.
@echo You'll see a message that ADS is missing.

If anyone can help me effectively report this problem to Microsoft, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance 🙂


App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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