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    • By willichan
      As I have time, I am converting my old barcode generators from old Pascal source to AutoIt.  I will add them all here as I convert them, rather than creating a new topic for each one.
      There are no global variables involved, so you can safely include any of these without worry about variables being stomped on.
      No barcode fonts required.
      Code128Auto - Creates a Code128A/B/C optimized barcode from supplied data
      Code39 - Creates a Code39 or Code39Extended (with or without check-character) barcode from supplied data (also known as Code 3 of 9).
      CODABAR - Creates a CODABAR barcode from supplied data (used mainly by libraries and blood banks)
      NOTE:  These will require the StringSize UDF by Melba23
      CodeQR - Creates a QRcode from supplied data.
    • By willichan
      Requires quricol32.dll from http://delphi32.blogspot.it/2011/11/quricol-qr-code-generator-library.html
      Lots of similar implementations, but this one fits with my other barcode libraries.
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