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    • By BugFix
      "Once upon a time ..." than I've made the following:
      But now exist a new version of the "quricol.dll" for 32 and 64 bit. All parameters can be used now.
      In the old thread you can see, that is implemented with the help of  @TheXman . Thanks for that.
      Then I revised the GUI and I came up with new possibilities. This has now resulted in a much more powerful tool, which is why I decided to create a new thread on this topic.
      There are 3 components:
          QRCreator.au3         This is the base UDF that need for all. You can write your own applications by using it.     QRCreatorUI         This is the graphical User Interface to deal with all functions of the UDF.         As a special feature, you have a preview that can be enlarged.     QRCreatorCI         This is the Commandline Interface.          With the exception of HBITMAP generation, which is not required on the command line, you can perform all functions of the UDF to generate QR codes. Here more in detail:    
      QRCreator.au3 - functions   _QR_generatePNG        Generates the QR-Code as PNG file for the passed text.   _QR_generateBMP        Generates the QR-Code as BMP file for the passed text.   _QR_getHBitmap        Creates a HBITMAP handle for the QR-Code for the passed text.         Don't forget to delete it, if no more need (_WinAPI_DeleteObject(HBITMAP)).   _QR_copyToClipboard        Copies the QR-Code picture for the passed text to the clipboard.   _QR_FileDefault       Generates a default filename (QR_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss)   _QR_getLastCall()      Asks for the result of the last call (_QR_getHBitmap/_QR_copyToClipboard/_QR_generateBMP/_QR_generatePNG)      Gets a structure with: .success(1/0) .error(@error) .width .type(B/C/[F/R]) .output(hBMP/''/fullpath) .margin .sizept .corrlevel      Types(.type): B (HBITMAP), C (Clipboard), F (File created), R (resized file created)
      The following parameters will used:
        $_sText     The text to encode. Full unicode is supported.   $_sPathOut (ONLY: _QR_generatePNG und _QR_generateBMP)     The full path of the file to create. If only a filename has passed the @ScriptDir will used.     Without a filename the default filename will used (QR_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss).     If the filename exists, it will get a suffix (1..n) until it's unique.   $_iMargin       The QR-Code margin in px   $_iSizePt       Size of the points in the QR-Code (1-4, depends by the correction level)     If a wrong value is passed, it will corrected by the script.   $_iCorrLvl       The used correction level (0-3). Allows to read a QR-Code if some parts damaged.   $_iOutSize (ONLY: _QR_generatePNG und _QR_generateBMP)     As a new feature you can pass a target size for created file.      The size of the file depends by used correction level and the size of created points.      If you pass a value for width (and so for heigth too), the default by the dll created file will resized for this size.      If the passed size is to small it raises an error.   $_iScale (ONLY: _QR_copyToClipboard)     Also new is the ability to scale up the QR-Code copied to clipboard.      It's a factor for linear scaling, based on the default creation size by the dll call.
        All information for the actions you've done will shown in the statusbar of the GUI.    But this is my own statusbar, that allows formatting. I've attached them too. QRCreatorCI
        available command line parameters   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    REQUIRED      text=Text for encoding    OPTIONAL      file=path/filename[.ext]  - If ommited, the default will used: @HomeDrive & @HomePath & "\QR_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss"      type=png,bmp,clip         - If ommited, 'png' will used. With clip runs CopyToClipboard.           or combined png/bmp    If file has .ext and type is passed but is different to .ext than will used type      width=int                 - (and height) initializes a resizing of the default created QR-Code                                  Resizing fails, if passed size is smaller as the default generated file.                                REMARK: Only for file creation      scale=int                 - Factor for up scaling the QR-Code                                REMARK: Only for CopyToClipboard      margin=4                  - The margin around the QR-Code in px (Default = 4)      corrlevel=0               - Up to 7%, 15%, 25% or 30% damage [0, 1, 2, 3]. (Default = 0)      sizept=2                  - The size of the painted pixel itself. The value depends on the correction level.                                  Only the smallest point size can be used for the largest correction level.                                  The value will corrected automatically, if wrong.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   return values   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   comma separated string with:     ERROR=@error     RESULT='FullFilePath' or 'CLIPBOARD'     SIZE=width x heigth     SIZEPT=The really used (may be corrected) size of point     MARGIN=The used margin size     CORRLEVEL=The used correction level   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      You find all the stuff also in the function headers.
      So that you get an impression, here are a few pictures.
    • By Stacker
      Hi all,
      i want to start a new application that capture a screen or image from webcam an read all barcode inside the picture.
      I have test this code https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/27925-webcam-example/
      Works fine for my webcam.
      Now i need to read all barcodes (code 128 code39, no 2d) inside the picture. I have found this https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/42852/Reading-Barcodes-from-an-Image-III
      It's possible to make a dll from VB source i linked  with this  parameters :  filename, Array of barcode founded, error code and launch from Autoit with function ?
      Anyone can help me to make dll and autoit function, i don't know VB.
    • By willichan
      As I have time, I am converting my old barcode generators from old Pascal source to AutoIt.  I will add them all here as I convert them, rather than creating a new topic for each one.
      There are no global variables involved, so you can safely include any of these without worry about variables being stomped on.
      No barcode fonts required.
      Code128Auto - Creates a Code128A/B/C optimized barcode from supplied data
      Code39 - Creates a Code39 or Code39Extended (with or without check-character) barcode from supplied data (also known as Code 3 of 9).
      CODABAR - Creates a CODABAR barcode from supplied data (used mainly by libraries and blood banks)
      NOTE:  These will require the StringSize UDF by Melba23
      CodeQR - Creates a QRcode from supplied data.
    • By corgano
      I have seen many different threads about generating barcodes, displaying them, and printing them. However at this point I am completely torn with which method to use. I am making a software that lets the user scan items, enter in information and save it in a SQLite database. For my purposes, I want to be able to display the barcode with number underneath in a similar way to most other controls eg GuiCtrlCreateBarcode( barcodenumber, x, y, width, height ). I also want to be able to print the barcode and have it be readable by the same scanner - The most successful encoding I've found is code128. Here is what I have found so far:
      This thread has nice code that saves the output as imagesPrinting is easy and scans properly Displaying the image on a pic control makes it easy to set it's x/y/width/height
      But.. The code does not let you directly specify the width / height, so displayed image on GUI is ALWAYS skewed. Getting output images the right size with that code is very difficult I cannot find any examples of drawing barcodes to an image that let you specify width / height This example  Several threads use Static controlsLook very nice on GUI, easy to get explicit position and size
      But... I know of no way to turn a bunch of static controls into something printable I didn't find any examples that had numbers at the bottom of the barcode The third solution I found was using a barcode fontCan look nice, depending on font Shouldn't be hard to print
      But.. Depends on additional font being installed Some fonts don't scan correctly How do you specify a width / height of an area you want the barcode to fill when using a font? I'm really at a loss as to how to move forward. Maybe there's an example I missed that is better suited to what I could find? PErhaps someone has experience writing barcode scanning / generating / printing software and can share the experiences. Can someone bounce a few ideas back and forth with me on the best way to proceed?
    • By willichan
      Creates a Code39 or Code39Extended (with or without check-character) barcode from supplied data
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