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autoit 3 and yahoo

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i was wondering if anyone knew how to send message in yahoo with autoit

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ok, i use yahoo! messenger with voice...i think its the latest version, but i think this will work with older versions also...and i have win xp pro...and this script is made in the latest non-beta version...also u need to know that wen u r messaging sumbody...the title of the window includes their screen name...so in this example, ill assume u r talking to a person whos screen name is "u_suck_at_autoit"...now lets get on with the code...

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
;read the helpfile for control commands like i used here...almost everything has a control ID...so i do "controlsend" here to send a msg to the control 255, and 255 is the control
;for the white box u type stuff in...
ControlSend("u_suck_at_autoit", "", 225, "YOUR MESSAGE HERE!!")
;this is control click, which clicks the "send" button in yahoo...
ControlClick("u_suck_at_autoit", "", 588)
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