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C# Coding ,Unable to load DLL 'AutoItX3.dll' in Win 2000

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I am developing with VS2019,and I reference  AutoItX3.Assembly.dll from nuget,  dll version, .net framework runtime version v2.0.50727. 

I can run Application  on my PC -windows 10 and also on windows XP . but when I put them on windows 2000. my app reports error :

Unable to load DLL 'AutoItX3.dll': The specified procedure could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007F);

code is simply ,like this:



I used dependency walker to check dll file's dependency, and found  out that 😅 1591352127(1).thumb.png.8c24ae6619f1e0b6c72be7a139264675.pngoh ,GetModuleHandleExW is not  kenerl.dll 's function in win 2k .

so I want to confirm , AutoItX can or not  support windows 2000. if can  work ,What can I do to fix this error ? thanks a lot!

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