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icon extractor

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i have heard of a third party program, that you can use to take an existing icon that you already have, and use that icon for your own programs.

if anyone knows where i could get such a program, please reply, thanks :whistle:

or if there is a method of doing this in some other fashion...

of course!... i wont use other peoples copyrighted icons...silly!


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Free Icon Studio is available at:

Free Icon Studio

It allows you to extract icons from exe, and DLL, and such.

It is free. It has a little advertisement wrapper that gets anoying, but you can just change the shortcut it makes from:

C:\Program Files\Free Icon Studio\wrapper.exe


C:\Program Files\Free Icon Studio\IconStudio.exe

Anyway it is a cute little program, and free.

AutoIt2 and AutoIt3 have diferent Icon specs, AutoIt3 can use a lot, but you might have to reduce the size on many icons to use them with AutoIt2.

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i have managed to save an icon that i would like to use....

but how would i make my program, have the icon in question?

i would like to basically, take any program, and change to icon to whatever i want.

i mean, does this program come with a tool like that? because although i would also like to change autoit icons... the icon i need to change is not on an autoit script

for this paticular instance.


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Oh, I missed that part, I was thinking you wanted to use icons for AutoIt programs with the autoit2exe program.

If you want to imbed the icon into exhisting Exe programs, you would need a different program. I don't know if you would have to reassemble/recompile them, and many programs have CRC checks as well that would cause such changes to be considered viruses.

Anyway hope this helps with any AutoIt icon issue you may have.

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I use a very nice program from time to time called "ExeScope" It's a resource editor that allows you change certain things like icons, dialog boxes, etc. The included link is a direct download

Exescope Download

The program is shareware, but is well worth the price ($20.00) if you decide to buy it :whistle:

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Resource Hacker is free.... search google However, some exe's need to be decompressed with upx before you try to change the icon. AutoIt even checksums compiled scripts so you cannot resHack them.

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psichosis, i went with exescope. looks great!

not as easy as i would have hoped, why cant it just have a message box saying, search for the icon you want, then you select it, then a message box says, select the program to add it to. heh

it looks pretty powerful, but i just want to take the existion icon from a program, and place it on another one. :whistle:

any step by step small tutorial would be dandy, i read the help file, yes.

im a layman.

sheesh, thanks! lol

I HAVE... gotten the icon i want saved, it looks just like the .exe, but the extension is .ico instead. i tried to add it to several .exe programs correctly (I THINK).

im halfway there! B) but i get an error when i try to add it to the .exe's

what are the proper steps needed to accomplish this?

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