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Windows issues after running script

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G'day all, this issue has driven me crazy. I have developed an anger I never knew I had!

So, I have just stated with this program, and was travelling along OK. Got it doing what I wanted. But now, for some reason whenever I run the following code, it works, but after execution has completed my mouse/keyboard is behaving weirdly.  For example, Caps Lock is reversed. Wherever I click it is like I have held shift down and it selects multiple things. Within the editor, if I try to CTRL-Z something, I get "sub" displayed.  Crazy stuff.
Bear in mind, this code runs fine, does what I want and returns an execution code of 0.

Here is the offending code.....everything is fine, unless I run this code as well.

Func ReportSearch($report)
Send("^!r") ; bring up reports search
Local $r = WinWait("Reports","",$waitTime) ;get window control for reports
ControlClick($r,"","Reports Search")
Send("{LSHIFT down}")
Send("{END}") ; select contents to ensure it is overwritten (can't use cntrl a for some reason)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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