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[SOLVED] Hardware Unique ID Lock

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Hi all guys,

always on my GIS software I need to enable a further protection than IP address check.

Right now I use a server-side login check (I connect via _EzMySQL and through simple queries I check If key is valid)

Then I use "sessioning" to avoid someone share key: I adlibregistered a function to check, every 250ms, IP of customer. If IP is the same --> OK. If IP changes that means someone else uses the key. And I kill the session.

I would like to add also a Unique Hardware ID lock to retrieve from customers when they log the very first time.

No problems in sendind this info to my remote db: I can update customer row adding the unique hardware lock ID.

I just need to know How to get unique hardware ID (HDD?).

Thanks all, guys,


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