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split your text in array example


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hello evrybody
here is an example about how to split your texts using a delimiter with the ability to select how much of delimiters shows in each colum  with $i_number

you have a long text and you want to split it in an array
that evry colum have a number (n) of lines
i made a function that do that for you
just call it with a three params
your text
the number that you want to put in each col
the siparator
default is "|"

here is the function with example

i hope that it will be useful for you


#include <Array.au3>
$s_txt = "some text1some text2|some text3|some text4|some text5|some text6"
$array = splitText($s_txt, 2)

Func splitText($s_text, $i_number, $s_siparator = "|")
    Local $a_TXT = StringSplit($s_text, $s_siparator)
    Local $a_Return[$a_TXT[0] + 1]
    If ($a_TXT[0] <= $i_number) Or ($i_number <= 0) Then
        ReDim $a_Return[2]
        $a_Return[0] = 1
        $a_Return[1] = $s_text
        Return $a_Return
    Local $i_Processed = 1, $i_arrayProcessed = 1
        For $i = $i_Processed To ($i_Processed + $i_number) - 1
            If ($a_TXT[0] < $i) Then ExitLoop
            If Not ($a_Return[$i_arrayProcessed]) Then
                $a_Return[$i_arrayProcessed] = $a_TXT[$i]
                $a_Return[$i_arrayProcessed] &= $s_siparator & $a_TXT[$i]
            $i_Processed += 1
        $i_arrayProcessed += 1
    Until ($a_TXT[0] < $i_Processed)
    ReDim $a_Return[$i_arrayProcessed]
    $a_Return[0] = $i_arrayProcessed - 1
    Return $a_Return
EndFunc   ;==>splitText

accept my greetings

thanks to

for his notes

Edited by nacerbaaziz
updated code
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You can use the consolewrite to output into the console_

For $i = 1 To $array[0]
    ConsoleWrite  $i & "> " & $array[$i] & @crlf)

And you can use _ArrayDisplay to display the content of an array, 

it needs an #include <Array.au3> at the top and use


instead of the for next loop.


The description should be something like:

Split a string with a delimiter, with the ability to ignore every other delimiter with $i_number. 

(p.s. there is a bug if $i_number is 0 )

Edited by Dan_555

Some of my script sourcecode

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