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Another version of AutoIT.exe


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@Jon Can you create another version of AutoIT.exe.

When it launches automatically finds files with the same AutoIT.exe like AutoIT.au3 and AutoIT.a3x instead of opening the au3 / a3x file dialog box?
I want to have such a version because the programs I compile with AutoIT are flagged for viruses and I'm tired of sending applications to antivirus software companies!

For example:
- Folders with AutoIT.exe and AutoIT.au3 and AutoIT.a3x
-> Launching AutoIT.exe will automatically run AutoIT.au3. If no au3 file exists, the a3x file will be executed.
-> If starting AutoIT.exe with the command line, it will run AutoIT.au3/a3x with that command instead of identifying the command line as the file to launch as usual.

What do you think ?




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Just a slide remark

I never see the standard or the beta AutoIt.exe flag by the WinDefender antivirus (true I don't know for the others antivirus)

Why don"t you use when possible .a3x when you compile your script.

if you need a .exe use X64 mode if  possible. Windefender has never flag such .exe

iti is true X86 mode are sometime WinDefender detect False positive the above is a go around.


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1 hour ago, jpm said:

Why don"t you use when possible .a3x when you compile your script.

I agree, compile to .a3x and use something like a shortcut or a batch script to act as a launcher which will call AutoIt.exe

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I generally find if you use older versions of AutoIt, which are well known by AV companies, that you can also avoid false positives.

You are often better off not using a compressor too and not obfuscating.

Are you submitting individually to each AV company? Or are you using VirusTotal, which is probably the better option.

Creating another version of AutoIt isn't really going to make any difference.

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The weakness of anti-virus programs always rely on file signatures to identify patterns without scanning based on behavior that makes misunderstandings always occur.
Therefore, I suggest using the original AutoIT.exe file with a reliable digital signature instead of the easily misunderstood self-compiled file. 

I'm talking about no need to use the additional bat / cmd file to call the script.


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Ok, the whole antivirus discussion has happened more times than anyone can count (and you should know this, @VIP). Case closed.

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