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Jenkins autoitX connection

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I'm running my script on my local computer and it works, notepad is active and I'm able to send some text.

But when I run the same script on my node there's no action. Why? Connection is set correctly, because opening browser works.


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2 minutes ago, JLogan3o13 said:

@bartk crystal ball is in the shop this week. Could you please post your code?

String jacobDllVersionToUse;

if (jvmBitVersion().contains("32")){

    jacobDllVersionToUse = "jacob-1.19-x86.dll";}

else {

    jacobDllVersionToUse = "jacob-1.19-x64.dll";}


File file = new File("lib", jacobDllVersionToUse);

System.setProperty(LibraryLoader.JACOB_DLL_PATH, file.getAbsolutePath());

AutoItX x = new AutoItX();

x.winActivate("Untitled - Notepad");
x.winWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad");
x.send("This is a test");


On my local machine code works and I'm able to send text to notepad, on my Node nothing happens

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