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I really don't see why you can't just gamble yourself. Making a true pokerbot script is not worth your time, especially since you obviously can't script it.

You know you probably couldnt help me anyway!!!!!Because it is obvious you probably dont have what it takes!
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I know some one in her is nice enough to help me to spite people like yourself! And it will probably be your money Im taking with this script!!Ha-Ha!!

Well you evidently can't read either. Since I said I don't have that poker game, you wouldn't be able to take money from me now would you?

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No but most people who are so against it are usually the ones who have one and dont want the compatition! True? Look Im not trying to make enemys with anyone !Really Im not I just would like some help with this!! I have lost thousand to the same thing I am trying to create and I dont see anything wrong with trying to get some of it back!!So look if you need help with something I would try nmy best to help and all I ask is the same in return!I am a CMFI Master Fabricater of solid surface not a computer gooroo That is why I am here ask you people questions because I dont know. If you had a question regarding solid surfaces I would help you. So please no hard feelings!!OK

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So let me get this straight, you plan to make some money playing on a Play Money table?

Global Const $TABLE_NAME = 'Play money'

That's a good challenge.

Since that script does effectively nothing so far, you're a long way off from having a winning poker bot. Even if I assumed you knew how to script, that bot doesn't do anything correctly - it doesn't know whether you want to hold and hand or fold it, or how much money you're willing to gamble in any certain circumstance. Only you can know that. That's why I suggested just gambling yourself instead of trying to rely on a bot. It's much better for you.

P.S. - How old are you, and in what country do you live?

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greenmachine, there's no point arguing with him...

sling331, since no one has the game and there's no actual errors, no one's gonna be able to help you. Check the window names along with everything else and if you come up empty, try creating it from scratch again and you might catch what you did wrong.

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@Oxin8: I don't care if there's no point arguing. I'm having fun with this, because it's much better than homework.

@Sling331: If you are truly a 40 year-old man in the U.S., you really should know how to use English by now. Your posts have the same amount of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation as those of 10 year-olds.

About poker again: there's still more to the game than just betting, calling, folding, or checking. You have the option to do any of them each time it's your turn, but according to the cards you have, you may choose a different option each time. How will your bot know what you will do?

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You really have no idea what's going on. I'm not interested in helping you. I might be interested if you showed some attempts to do it yourself, but until then I'll just sit here and watch.

About your wife: If this means more than having your wife be in the same room as you, your priorities are really messed up.

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I tried hard not to respond to your threads anymore in hopes that you would just A.) Learn to find the answers or B.) Quit flooding the forum with this all together. But, things people / you should know.

1. You did not write this script. It's been on this forum in the same exact format as you have for almost a year.

2. You have changed nothing to this script.

3. You haven't stated even 'what' doesn't work.

4. You've displayed no effort in fixing the issue (that is not posted) that you've had.

5. People generally will help those which 'try' to help themselves first.

6. The script is calling to another application, do you even have that application.

7. Scripts like these with Control ID's are typically site/window specific, are you even playing the right site/window with the correct applications? If so, what are the site/applications you are using.

8. If you want help, rather than just posting a script, and hoping someone will magically fix it for you, post what you've done to it to change it, show what you've done to debug it, and show what has been successful along with what has failed. You'll find you'll get many more answers.

Your constant postings on this issue and what you've said in this thread about your wife, kind of remind me of a verse in the Eagles song: 'Take it to the limit' -

You can spend all your time making money,

you can spend all your love making time.

If it all fell to pieces tomorrow

would you still be mine?

And when you're looking for your freedom NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE

and you can't find the door CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE

when there's nothing to believe in still you're coming back,

you're running back, you're coming back for more.

My wife reminds me of that song often when I'm on here too much.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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