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_WinHttpReadData to file

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Hi I have had major break through with my project this weekend and have been able to successfully communicating with the server im working with. However My latest request I got the HTML document as a response from the server when I try to read like so:

Func _GetResopnse($string)
  $sChunk = ""
  $sData = ""
  ConsoleWrite("Response " & $string & @CRLF)
   If _WinHttpQueryDataAvailable($hRequest) Then
       ; Read
       While 1
          $sChunk = _WinHttpReadData($hRequest)
          If @error Then ExitLoop
          $sData &= $sChunk
          ConsoleWrite("   " & $sData & @CRLF) ; print to console
          ; <== Check login status
          If StringInStr($sData, '"success":true') Then
             ;MsgBox(0, "", "Login success")
            ;MsgBox(0, "", "Login failed")
       MsgBox(48, "Error", "Site is experiencing problems.")
    ConsoleWrite("/Response" & @CRLF)

This works very well in the consolelog however I want to write all this data into a textfile. I thought that would be simple enough doing something like this 

Local Const $htmlFilePath = @ScriptDir & "\System\htmldoc.txt"
Local $hFileOpen = FileOpen($htmlFilePath, $FO_APPEND)
     FileWrite($hFileOpen, $sData)


But with this I only get a blank txt document. any pointers to what I could do ?



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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, Acce said:

any pointers to what I could do ?

Have you looked at InetGet()?  It will get the result of an HTTP GET request and put the result in a file, all in one function call.  :doh: Or, you can look at InetRead(), which will do the same thing as InetGet() except the result is a binary string instead of a saving the result in a file.

Edited by TheXman
Fixed InetRead() hyperlink

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TheXman Thanks for the info , will do some testing now thanks for pointing me in the right direction 

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