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[Autoit & MYSQL] I got it !

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After leave the firebird solution, i search a solution for use mysql

here is a listing which work fine :

for use it, you need a MYSQL server, admin login & password and a database of course :lmao:

i think the comment are enough so if you have question write it here ;)

;Test mysql

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>

;change here the path to mysql.exe
CONST $path_mysql = "D:\Denis\wamp\mysql\bin\"
dim $tableau_result

$line = "";don't modify this, it's just for variable initialisation

;we create our database request (don't miss the; a the end of each command)
$sql = "use pictures;" & @CRLF  ;mysql = select the database to use
$sql = $sql & "select * from girls;";mysql = request in the base from the girls table

;launch function to create the file

; change 'root' by the mysql admin login
; if you have a password, you need to add it with -p parameter, ie :     mysql.exe -u YOURLOGIN -p YOURPASSWORD -X < 
$command_sql = $path_mysql & "mysql.exe -u root -X < " & $path_mysql & "sql_command.txt"    ; create the  mysql process
$command = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $command_sql, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD); execute the  mysql process

While 1; get the result returned by mysql.exe command
    $string_result = $line
    $line = StdoutRead($command)
    If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
  ;MsgBox(0, "STDOUT read:", $line); display the entire returned result (if you want debug)

$tableau_result = _clean_mysql_return($string_result); clean and organize the result

for $boucle = 1 to $tableau_result[0];display the result of therequest
    $reponse = $tableau_result[$boucle]; each result in in the 
    MsgBox(262144,'MySQL Result','Value : ' & @lf & $reponse)

;***************************************************** FUNCTION DECLARATION ***********************************************************

func _clean_mysql_return($string_result)
; we will clean the XML format result
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"<row>","")   ; delete all <row>
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"</row>","")  ; delete all </row>
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"<field name=",""); delete all <field name=>
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"</field>",""); delete all </field>
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,"</resultset>",""); delete all </resultset>
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,">"," = ")    ; change all > in =
    $string_search = chr(34) & "id" & chr(34); = "id"       
    $position_caracter_id = StringInStr($string_result,$string_search); search the position of the first "id" in the string result
    $string_result = StringRight($string_result,StringLen($string_result) - $position_caracter_id + 1); delete all that is before the first "id"=
    $string_result = StringStripCR($string_result)              ; delete all CR
    $string_result = StringStripWS($string_result,4)            ; delete all useless space
    $string_result = StringReplace($string_result,chr(34),"")   ; delete all "
    $tableau_result = StringSplit($string_result,@CRLF)
    $tableau_result[0] = $tableau_result[0]-1                   ; delete the last element because is empty

func _create_mysql_command_file($string)
    $file = FileOpen($path_mysql & "sql_command.txt", 2);2 = Write mode (erase previous contents)
    FileWrite($file,$string); we write the command in the file


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After leave the firebird solution, i search a solution for use mysql

I'm looking for a solution for use with firebird/interbase enignes... Do you have any suggestion?

Thx in advance.

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I've got a library of MySQL funcs already (in my signature)

So i wouldn't call this "The one/only.."


Edited by cdkid

AutoIt Console written in C#. Write au3 code right at the console :D_FileWriteToLineWrite to a specific line in a file.My UDF Libraries: MySQL UDF Library version 1.6 MySQL Database UDF's for AutoItI have stopped updating the MySQL thread above, all future updates will be on my SVN. The svn location is:kan2.sytes.net/publicsvn/mysqlnote: This will still be available, but due to my new job, and school hours, am no longer developing this udf.My business: www.hirethebrain.com Hire The Brain HireTheBrain.com Computer Consulting, Design, Assembly and RepairOh no! I've commited Scriptocide!

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I had been looking at using a command line for MySQL as @cdkid's obj commands do not seem to accet concatenation of commands.

I think , using yours, I could create a concatenated command using my SQLiteEXE functions (see in signature), with "$i_Execute=0", so the commands are created, not executed in SQLite; then used in your function.

I may need to post an update..

Best, Randall

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