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the nuget has ben set unlisted :(

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Hi folks.

Im using this nuget since a while in some projects:


Today i wanted to start a new project and was not able to install this one, because it has now ben unlisted.

I dont understand why, it worked for years and is still working fine.

it works perfectly with .net Core and some of exotic enviroments i am using.

i cant install it anymore because i cannot install unlisted packages.



i cant see any info how someone could use that other nuget:


therefore it is useless to me.


so i wanted to ask: why it has ben unlisted now?

Just because its old? :(


or where can i find another packet that is working and not unlisted, and that is at least got a bit of docu how to get something to interact with?

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The owner of the package is "Dzmitry.Lahoda" and I am pretty sure that he is not part of the AutoIt team, so it is not an official package nor is it maintained by someone from the AutoIt team. So you would have to ask him for the reason about why it was delisted.

In any case, it is always better to get your binaries from official sources :)

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