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Adding Custom GIF in a Listview

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Hi autoit community, 

I want to add a GIF animation to a listview cell, I can call it when ever I want.

I want it to be a waiting GIF, something like the first attached one.

I tried so many GDIs with no success, this section of creating a GDI and editing it with brushes and ... , I do not understand at all. 

I tried @UEZ's great examples, with no luck, and I even tried GIFAnimation and even GifCamEx and so many other methods like encoding and decoding with BinaryToAu3Kompressor to add it to my GUI with no luck. Sometimes the image is not transparent, some times all the frames overlap eachother.

I will be thankful if anyone can help me design a Waiting GIF to be displayed in a cell inside a listview. 

( PS : I'm using @Melba23's GUIListViewEx )

( PS 2 : If anyone can suggest a modern animation with a better look like the second file I uploaded, It will be great too )








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Hi Siwa :)

Did you try Nine's great script found in this link, which easily displays animated gif's ?

In case the animation can't be included directly in a listview cell, then the child window solution we discussed in this link could help (tested successfully just now, with the animated "9.gif" found in Nine's zip file. "9.gif" hides  a part of the listview header, it's animated and it moves in sync with the main gui as it's a child window)

Some changes should probably be done to display it over the listview cell (after retrieving the cell coords).

Hope this helps and good luck

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