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What to look into to replace a relative spreadsheet?

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I am working on a project where files are rebuilt but the process is dependent on manual intervention in a spreadsheet. I want to be able to complete this complex task without having a spreadsheet and without having to have a copy of Office or some other program installed. The primary reason is that the files that are being manipulated are for a DOS program, and already I am imposing a limitation by building a 32bit AutoIT exe to handle it.

The part I am not sure about is what methods I should be looking at to replicate what the spreadsheet does, such as the fact that it uses the formula bar to calculate results based on relative cells on other sheets. What are some good alternatives that I can use instead? Such as using CSV, XML or something else, and more importantly I would also like to see a link to any specific implentation or breakdown of how to use it. For example, I am already familiar with using XML, but not as a way to make the data relational.

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What about a small sqlite db? I have moved a number of scripts away from using spreadsheets to sqlite, and am able to do calculations pretty easily (depending on their complexity of course).


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