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Autoit escape RDP window?

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I have a keyboard with programmable keys that I can use to run autoit scripts. I created two AutoI scripts, one sends ctrl+win+right to go to the next virtual desktop, and the other is ctrl+win+left to go back a virtual desktop. Both work fine until I have an RDP session in one of them. In fact,  it is an Enhanced session connection to a Hyper-V VM, but it's pretty much the same as an mstsc rdp session.

I modified the scripts to use the same keystrokes I can successfully do manually. 

   Ctrl+alt+left     and then   ctrl+windows+left.

While that does work manually,  I cannot get it to work in AutoIt. The Ctrl+alt+left is meant to escape the RDP session,  but AutoIt does not seem to be able to perform that function,  and I cannot figure out why. 

I also looked in to trying to use some of the Windows API methods to directly swap to a different virtual desktop, but couldn't get that to work. 

I don't ever need Autoit scripts to work Inside the RDP session,  just in the host,  including escaping from the RDP session control.

Any help greatly appreciated. 

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