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Suggestion to read real-time data from website (possibly javascript)

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I'm trying to read data from a website that has real-time updates, I think it may be Java Script but I'm far from a web dev wiz.  The IE AutoIT tools don't do the trick as the website does not support IE.  I tried the OCR UDF but it failed miserably.  Any suggestions?

It is for the Tradingview site that does not offer any API integration, if you go to  https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ and select the Data Window icon on the right (4th from the top) you will see the data.  No account is required to see this data as shown below and any help to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated!


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The WebDriver I think uses a new a new session however Tradingview has presets that save as cookies therefore even if I use it to go through the login process I have to reconfigure some of the presets.  If the WebDriver can take over an existing session and I misunderstood my apologies.  

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