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Powershell COM files

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Hello All. So, just to be clear, this post is related to the below post created by @ptrex


This post is less about covering how to utilize the powershell com object in autoit and more about the acquisition of the com object itself.  The download which @ptrex references in his post is no longer valid, which makes utilizing the techniques outlined in the above post kind of difficult.  Luckily, I found that Sapien's PrimalScript actually includes the com object in its installation.  However, since the application is not free, and installing PrimalScript just to use the powershell com object is a pain, I located the Com dll and compressed them into the attached archive (ActiveXPoshV3.dll and ActiveXPosh.dll).  A quick note about registering the COM dlls on your machine: regsvr32 is not able to register the com dll files.  I was able to register the COM dll files using the regasm command line tool, so that is probably your best bet as well.


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