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winhttp instead of _IE functions for wordpress ?

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hello everybody 

due to facing so many errors with _IE functions I found winhttp udf can do the same but I have a bit info about. 

to create a post in my wordpress I use this code 

#include <WinHttp.au3>

$sLoginPage = '/wp-login.php'
$postPage = '/wp-admin/post-new.php'

$sDomain = 'https://mhd2020.000webhostapp.com'
$sLogin = '**********'
$sPassword = '*********'

$hOpen = _WinHttpOpen()
$hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hOpen, $sDomain)

ConsoleWrite("Signing in... "&@CRLF)
; Login first
_WinHttpSimpleFormFill($hConnect, _
        $sLoginPage, _
        "loginform", _
        'user_login', $sLogin, _
        'user_pass', $sPassword)

ConsoleWrite('! Error for login = ' & @error & @LF)

ConsoleWrite("creating a post."&@CRLF)

$sResponse = _WinHttpSimpleFormFill($hConnect, _
        $postPage, _
        "post", _
        'title', "Test" ,'content', "test test test")

ConsoleWrite('! Error for create = ' & @error & @LF)


it could create a post but without publishing (just a draft)

I need to:

- checkbox in category field by object ID e.g: "in-category-1"

- submit a post (not make a draft post)

 how to do this please ?

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mm i suppose you wanna  create  a Macro , for work with your site , for my best opinion is much  stable if  you use  a REST API in wordpress , or  work directly with database of  site ,if  you want  create macro in site  full of javascript  , is much better if  you use  , webdriver  , but is only my opinion good luck


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