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Running Average Using Arrays

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I am trying to setup a script that opens various applications, keep track of responce time ( $RT ) and send alerts if the time goes too high.

I have all but the alert part done. The applications it opens are listed as lines in a text file. I figured I would count the number of lines into a variable. We will call that variable $LC. Then I could use it set setup two arrays to keep track of the sum of all response times ( Global $SRT[$LC] ) and total number of attempts ( Global $NA[$LC] ).

Then I could do some math like


then an if statement checking if $RT is greater then 1.2*$AVG

but it does not work and the actual code is too long to post.

Any help?

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Global $SRT[$Size], $NA[$Size]
Dim $i, $Total_Time, $Total_Attempts

; Get values into $SRT and $NA

$Total_Attempts = 0

For $i = 0 to $Size-1
    $Total_Time = $Total_Time + $SRT[$i]
    $Total_Attempts = $Total_Attempts + $NA[$i]

$AVG = $Total_Time / $Total_Attmpts

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