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Need help with some scripting (perform function when Editbox change on 3rd party program)

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Hi All,

 sorry quite new to this.  However managed to learn some good things so far.  I'm trying to monitor two edit boxes on running program. 


I'm trying to run an action when the edit boxes are detect any changes.


I can get the get the text from the Edit1 & Edit2 fields and display them using the code below, which is a start, however i'm having trouble working out how to write the code for only do the function on editbox input change or change focus (offclick)

Apologies if this has been covered before, i could not work it out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>


Func Example()

    Local $hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:ThunderRT6FormDC]", "", 10)

    Local $sText = ControlGetText($hWnd, "", "Edit2")

    ; Display the text of the edit control.
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "The text in Edit2 is: " & $sText)

EndFunc   ;==>Example

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