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Using specific keyboard only for hotkeys

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MY application is I'm setting up a home media center / emulation setup. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse for controlling the setup, I got a ps4 controller and a wireless mini keyboard that clips into the controller for the user interface. DS4Window takes the controller touchpad and uses it as a mouse, and there I go - mouse, keyboard, controls, all in the palm of your hands.

The issue I have is there is no ctrl, alt, tab, of F keys on the keyboard in question. What I WANT to do Is set up autoit hotkeys for the mini keyboard specifically, without effecting other devices / keyboards connected to the computer. For instance pressing F+1,2,3... on the mini keyboard to send {F1}, {F2}, etc on the computer. I'd also like to set up hitting 1 and 0 to do Alt+tab. 

I'm aware that this question has been asked several times before, but never really resolved. Right now I'm working through the example in this thread to try and set it up. However this thread was from three years ago, and most other threads are even older than that. HAs there been any developments since then that make this easier? Like a _Hotkeyset_ex() function or something?



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