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regular Expression

Guest sjana

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I want to check if all digits in a string are same. E.G. my valid sets are

1. 9999999999

2. 99-99-99999

The regexp which I could come up is


The above regexp match 1. but cant match 2. I need a regexp which can match both 1. and 2. thanks in advance

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this script can do the test for you:



If StrTest($a,$:whistle:=1 then

msgbox(0,"","$a is Equal to $b")


msgbox(0,"","$a Not Equal to $b")


Func StrTest($S1,$S2)

$ignore="-,/,$" ; Place here the chars to ignore



$S2b=$S2 ; Fill teststring

; Remove all specified Ignore characters from the Test string

For $x = 1 to $chars[0]

$S2b = StringReplace($S2b,$chars[$x],"")


If $S1=$S2b then return 1

return 0


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Thanks for the reply, however my requirement is a single regular expression rather than a function. Basically i need it as part of struts validation.

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The back-referencing you are asking for is on the TO DO list. I am trying to get more fundemental fixes done, before implementing it. I will be at my parent's place from Dec 22 to Jan 4, so very little development (but much relaxation) will occur then. I hope to get things finshed on the weekend and submit to Jon on Monday or Tuesday.

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