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Creating a VPN Tunnel Server and use it in the Router at Home.

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Hi guys.

Does anyone know if there's a software / service which allows me to set up my own vpn server?

In more detail.  I have a German virtual windows server hosted by strato. Is it possible to make this machine a vpn server ?

At home I would like to set it up in a router, so all of the devices will have a German (my hosted machine ) ip address.

I know I could buy some sort of vpn service for a hand full of local currency.

However I would like to have this ip address , as i use it for work as well. And I dont think it is a good idea to open amazon seller central with an ip shared by 1000 peoples.

Better to be save .


I have to add I would prefer more simple solutions,  as I am more a hobbyist then pro. Networking was never my strong point .

Thank ya'all for any ideas.

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