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Guest liontamer

Controlgettext And Controlsettext

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Guest liontamer

hallo all, I've just started with autoitv3.I am using it to automate a 3d modelling program to create compound objects that would be awkward to make by hand.

Basically i need to read and write to a Transformation dialog which contains the 3d coords of a particular object or point within an object.

These values are held in edit boxes which au3spy shows as Edit1,Edit2,Edit3.

I have got to a point where the dialog is open and the edit1 value is highlighted.

Now i can change this value using:-

ControlSetText("Transformation Parameters", "", "Edit1", "12345")

But when I try:-

$var=ControlGetText("Transformation Parameters", "", "Edit1")

No value for $var is returned(empty string?)! I can work around it by copying to clipboard and then using clipget() but it would be tidier if ControlGetText worked.

Anybody have any idea why it should work one way and not the other?

any info appreciated.


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I just tried a similiar command in a 3d modeling program of my own, and came across no problems. Perhaps this is a problem specific to your own software... my only advise would be to ensure that you have the correct title for the sub-window, and that text is actually where you intend to read.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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