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"Hide" Excel template for PDF generation with AutoIT

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Sorry if has been discussed already but I have no idea what to search for.

I have a small project for someone that want a software to be able to fill some forms and then to generate a PDF with data from the forms. The PDF should have a standard format.

I was thinking to do an Excel template and then using Autoit Excel functions to write data to it and save it as a PDF file.


The problem is that I need somehow to hide that excel template. I can have an .au3 or .exe file and a folder where I put all resources but I dont want to let other people by themselves to edit the template and to generate other kind of PDF.


I am thinking if is possible to convert the excel template into a string, store the string inside a text file and when software is using it to convert the string back to excel and then to delete it after PDF is generated.


What do you think?

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