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hi ave dicculty running object allocate in to remote server. Examples;

$oRemoteMedia = ObjCreate("MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer.1","Name server","name domain user","password")

If not @error then

Msgbox(0,"Remote ObjCreate Test","ObjCreate() of a remote Mediaplayer Object successfull !")

$oRemoteMedia.Open("c:\windows\media\Windows XP Startup.wav") ; Play sound if file is present


Msgbox(0,"Remote ObjCreate Test","Failed to open remote Object. Error code: " & hex(@error,8))


The object MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer.1 is allocated in to one server 2003. With component services tools he ave configured DCOM default security with my account. If this code is running have also error (not connected...)


I possible replay-me one IDEA for this problems ?


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