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I have an app (we don't need the source, and anyway it's many thousands of lines long). During init, it checks to see if another instance is running and if so, send the input file to its file input, something like..

ControlSetText($my_title, "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", $inputfile, 1)

It's worked great for years. After building a new version, it now sends the string to a completely different input (which is a combobox, much further down the code). My original input (the first control in the GUI) is now "instance:2". There has been no change in the order of the controls.

Question: What caused this change?

I want to know if this is something that I did, and how to avoid it happening in the future!



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Have to see a reproducing piece of code. A one-liner is not going to cut it and why is it somebody else’s responsibility to debug your code? Do you want help post your code

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