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AdlibRegister in C#/vb.NET

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I have a vb.NET script that that uses the API of an external program to do some configurations.

Certain configurations trigger a popup window that the user needs to interact with. In AutoIt I would use AdLibRegister to take care of the triggered window, while the script is "stuck". How can this be implemented in vb.NET?

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Since you are posting this on an AutoIt forum, once can only assume that you are asking how it could be done using AutoItx.  The following are a couple of ways that you could do what you're wanting to do using AutoItx or native VB.net.


Possible method 1:

If you know where in the process the popup window may occur, then you could execute a WinWait() with a specified timeout.  If WinWait() is successful, meaning the popup occurred, then do whatever your adlib would've done.  Otherwise, proceed as you normal.


Possible method 2:

Run your own pseudo adlib by spawning a separate child script that runs while your parent process exists.  In that script, you can have a loop that periodically checks for the popup window (or windows) and, of course, checks for the existence of the parent process in order to know when to exit.

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