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Need to store and remember last value

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HI. I have been trying to figure this one out and it has me stumped!

This is just a small piece of code from a much larger project I'm working on. Each time a specific hotkey is pressed the value of $Total changes and then Func Accumulate() is called. 
The purpose of the accumulate function is to keep a tally of the changing totals for 40 button presses. For that I need to store each last Accumulated value and add it to the current total.
 I can repeat each line 40 times but there must be a better way. Can someone point me to a helpfile topic that might be useful here. I tied fitting it into a for loop but didn't quite make it work. 





Func Accumulate()

    $Count += 1
    If $Count = 1 then $Value1 = $Total
    If $Count = 2 then $Value2 = $Total
    If $Count = 3 then $Value3 = $Total

    If $Count = 1 then $Accumulation = $Total 
    If $Count = 2 then $Accumulation = $Total + $Value1
    If $Count = 3 then $Accumulation = $Total + $Value2


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