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I was reading up on dwFileFlags ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/verrsrc/ns-verrsrc-vs_fixedfileinfo )

typedef struct tagVS_FIXEDFILEINFO {
  DWORD dwSignature;
  DWORD dwStrucVersion;
  DWORD dwFileVersionMS;
  DWORD dwFileVersionLS;
  DWORD dwProductVersionMS;
  DWORD dwProductVersionLS;
  DWORD dwFileFlagsMask;
  DWORD dwFileFlags;
  DWORD dwFileOS;
  DWORD dwFileType;
  DWORD dwFileSubtype;
  DWORD dwFileDateMS;
  DWORD dwFileDateLS;

My question is: what is the importance of the dwFileFlags flag ?. Is it used in the industry ?.

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