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Need Help Running Batch File with Multiple Prompts - (Moved)

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Hi guys.

This is my first post as I just found the AutoIt tool and am hoping I can use it to perform application installs that are currently done manually with a batch file provided by Oracle.

My hope is that I can get AutoIt to automate the install inputs and the new installer will be a single executable file that I can then remotely push to machines and launch a silent install using some thing like Microsoft Systernals PSEXEC.

I am hoping you can get me started in the initial script steps where this batch file will be run in Administrator mode.

I will be installing PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.58.05.

When I run the installer Batch file it accepts command line switches


Here is an example of multiple prompts that would need to be accounted for









Here is the final confirmation detail.



Thanks in advance.



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3 minutes ago, ERPDude said:

application installs that are currently done manually with a batch file provided by Oracle.

hmmm, what a pickle. If you can edit the batch file, you don't have to answer the "press 1" or what not. Having done that, add it to rar/7z.etc, to auto decompress an run the batch.
So, if you can do that, then yes, you can do it in AutoIt. But is easier if you have some experience. ( not meaning to offend, I understand you're in the biz :) )

Welcome to the forum @ERPDude.
Read up about Run() ;)

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Hi argumentum.

I dug through the batch file and was able to override some of the command line switch requirements as well as dynamic variable assignments based on those command line switches but I ran into a road block.

Once all variables are setup the final step is to call a Python script to perform the installation.

I do not know the Python language and I would not want to perform updates to the scripts directly as that would overcomplicate future installations which we frequently get.

I still need to have an ability to run a batch file and respond to command window prompt requests.

I have heard of people using response files or concatenating numerous echo commands to the call of a batch file but I'd rather avoid that if at all possible.

Thanks again.


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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the Developer General Discussion forum very clearly states:


General development and scripting discussions.

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