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Need help with Filetransfer

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Hi everybody I have a problem with this script when I press wait for file then I get error can not lock port does anyone know what is causing this? I hope someone has a solution because it is not possible to lock the gate. Same thing when I try to send a file I do not know what it may be but hope for a response from someone here as I know that there are many knowledgeable freinds here.


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12 minutes ago, Borje said:

I am not sure how to debug this.

What is the question exactly? You don't know how to add ConsoleWrites to the code to see what is happening?

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I'd guess right now your main problem is that you never call TCPStartup... it's wrapped in a function named OnAutoItStart. That function doesn't get called automagically though. You either need to use #OnAutoItStartRegister OnAutoItStart or call OnAutoItStart() at the top of your script.

Also, remove all of the Global Const lines and add #include <GUIConstants.au3> at the top of your script. No need to reinvent the wheel or worry about adding more constants later as you need them.

If you wrote this script yourself, I'll offer more suggestions, but I get the feeling you didn't, so I won't overload you :)

All my code provided is Public Domain... but it may not work. ;) Use it, change it, break it, whatever you want.


My Humble Contributions:
Personal Function Documentation - A personal HelpFile for your functions
Acro.au3 UDF - Automating Acrobat Pro
ToDo Finder - Find #ToDo: lines in your scripts
UI-SimpleWrappers UDF - Use UI Automation more Simply-er
KeePass UDF - Automate KeePass, a password manager

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3 hours ago, seadoggie01 said:

I'd guess right now your main problem is that you never call TCPStartup...

This is most likely to be one/the main? problem.

23 hours ago, Borje said:

I dont know how to add consolwrite i have never doing that before.

Besides ConsoleWrite you can also use _FileWriteLog for debugging (the principle is similar).
As I do not want to fiddle around in your original script, I created an example for you on the fly ;):

#include <File.au3> ; for the LOGFile
Global $hLOGFile = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\Example.log", 2) ; 2=Write mode (erase previous contents)

_FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "==> START PROGRAM")

_FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "Before _MAIN")
_FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "After _MAIN")

Func _Main()
    Local $iGuiMsg, $btnExit, $btnInfo, $sIPInfo, $sDomain
    GUICreate("Just a Dummy :) ", 500, 120, -1, -1)
    $btnExit = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit", 20, 20, 200, 40)
    $btnInfo = GUICtrlCreateButton("Info", 260, 20, 200, 40)
    While 1
        $iGuiMsg = GUIGetMsg()
            Case $iGuiMsg = -3 ; = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
                _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE")
            Case $iGuiMsg = $btnExit
                _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "Exit-Button pressed")
            Case $iGuiMsg = $btnInfo
                _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "Info-Button pressed")

                ; just to check TCP :
                $sDomain = "www.autoitscript.com"
                $sIPInfo = TCPNameToIP($sDomain)
                If @error Then
                    $sIPInfo = "TCPNameToIP failed"
                    MsgBox(BitOR(4096, 16), $sDomain, "IP= " & $sIPInfo)
                    _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, $sDomain & " -> TCPNameToIP failed")
                    MsgBox(BitOR(4096, 64), $sDomain, "IP= " & $sIPInfo)
                    _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, $sDomain & " -> TCPNameToIP success")
EndFunc ;==>_Main

; --------------------------------------------------------------------
Func OnAutoItStart()
    _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "==> Func : OnAutoItStart")

Func OnAutoItExit()
    _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "==> Func : OnAutoItExit")
; --------------------------------------------------------------------

; --------------------------------------------------------------------
; Your Exit Function
; --------------------------------------------------------------------
Func _MyExitFunc()

    ; Close Logfile
    _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "==> EXIT PROGRAM")
    If $hLOGFile Then FileClose($hLOGFile)
EndFunc   ;==>_MyExitFunc

You can set a remark via _FileWriteLog($hLOGFile, "...")  at any point of the script, which will then be written to the Logfile (for further analysis).

Note : You have to be a bit careful with the macros @error and @extended. _FileWriteLog ( similar to ConsoleWrite) changes/resets these macros. It is therefore advisable to save them in variables (e.g. $iError=@error and $iExtended=@extended) for further processing.

Edited by Musashi
Response expanded


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Hi seadoggie01 and thanks you very much yes I have never call the  TCPStartup now it is working I have used this script long time before and it working good with, after I change autoit version to i have this problems,   But now all works perfect and I have learn little more.   

Thanks to Musasci for debugging script.


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Some of the following features are deprecated. ....

OnAutoItStart() has been removed. See the new pre-processor statement #OnAutoItStartRegister. 
OnAutoItExit() has been removed. See the new functions OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnRegister().

If you don't code often, these are hard to catch.

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