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Script not working with UAC enabled?

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Has anyone has this problem before and recommend a solution or something to try, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a MSi that then calls another MSI (from the depths of hell it seems as i can't see where it's coming from)

Anyway i've edited the main MSI using Orca to silent install, it then calls the second MSI, so the window pops up (literally just has an ok button on it then it's successfully installed)

I was hoping to utilise Autoit to click this for me, however for some reason it wasn't clicking or sending or doing anything really for the new window (window is activate), everything is fine with the code (just a simple control click) however nothing would work, after playing around and testing i found that if i disabled UAC then run it, it installs perfectly while running it with UAC enabled it wouldn't respond to any clicks or sends. It's strange as both are being run as admin while logged in an admin account




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Yeah tried with #RequireAdmin initially to test, though it didn't make a bit of difference. Still didn't work as long as UAC was enabled, the moment i disabled it and restarted everything clicked in to place. (when it fails it's not like it's prompting for UAC or anything either, it just doesn't click or send (though it returns back as saying successful)

I've got it working via using psexec at the moment, it's just a bit dirty compared it just running the .exe normally.

Like I'm happy to throw all the permissions it needs at it, just wish it would tell me what it needs.

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