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show taskbar when visible and hide when running in tray

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I found a lot of topics describing how to Hide the Taskbar Entry of AutoIt by making it a child window of another parent window. Indeed I made it a child window of the ever present AutoIT window and that works fine.

I also have functionality to minimize to tray (because it needs to keep running) and restore the GUI from tray menu. Works also perfectly. But even if the GUI is visible it of course has no Taskbar entry anymore and you cannot bring it to front. It doesn't even behave well if you do "Alt-Tab" which such a GUI.

Is it somehow possible to actually create a taskbar entry when GUI is shown (and also attach the GUI to it so you can click on it to bring it to front or use Alt-Tab) and hide the Taskbar entry when it minimizes to tray? I didn't find any solution in the forums for this problem and I don't know if it's even possible. I know other programs do magic like that it's just a question if it can be accomplished by Autoit as well.

Would be grateful for any ideas on this

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