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Accessing Windows 10 OCR UWP API directly

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I'd like to be able to access the OCR features in Window 10's API directly from AutoIT, but I can't find a way to get a connection directly into the Universal Windows Platform without another interface using some form of the SDK.  Specifically the namespace is Windows.Media.Ocr and the class of most use would be OcrEngine. Has anybody worked out a way of accessing the Windows 10's UWP API directly from AutoIT? Or do I need to some sort of interface using a Microsoft development product?

Alternatively there seems to have been discussion in the past about using Tesseract. Is this the way most people have gone?


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19 hours ago, argumentum said:

if you have ms office installed with the OCR ( it worked with 2007. I remember that ) then there was code in the forum to it work.

Access via COM was removed from MS Office in 2010, and I don't imagine that the 2007 version would be accessing the WIndows 10 version. However it is an option, and it reminds me that using OneNote in some manner may be an option as well

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