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Exit 1 reserved  

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  1. 1. Should a standardized exit code be advised/promoted ?

    • YES: It makes sense to uphold basic meaningful Exit codes
    • NO: An exit error is an exit error. Stop this nonsense !

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I was looking at an example and it would Exit 1 on error.
So what's wrong with that. Well, we can get an error from different aspects of the script, been the stub errored, or the wrapper errored, or finally, the script.
What I propose is to start script errors on 3 onwards. Been 1 the error of AutoIt3, 2 of the wrapper, and finally the script.

If you agree vote for me: "argumentum 2021" :D

Really, if the concept is sound then say it and if not ... well, say it too  :gathering:

PS: this is in regard to Exit codes of a script and not that of Return in a Function.

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I agree with you, the commonly used exit codes should not be used by the interpreter itself when the script is executing. I'd propose something like reserving a range of exit codes after a large value like 1024...

I will have to think about this too when I finally get around to working on executing code in ECI ;)

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      I have a problem in that one script runs successfully and gets to this line
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