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Au3Update update

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I made some suggested changes and bug fixes...

1.Removed the hardcoded paths in the system review...

2.Removed a discovered typos...

3.Add some more gestures to the MSAgent component 'Genie' character...

4.Changed most of the windows flag to be frontmost...

5.Changed the MSAgent guided tour not to be automatically at startup...

6.The link to the Beta update information link was wrong - fixed...

:Posted Image

"Au3Update" can work as a SciTe macro application (ie, used with SciTe Script Editor)

and an include example is provided in the topics under 'special notes' but the application

do not need any modification or arguments and can just as well work as a standalone

and make updates to all kind of programs outside the autoit3 area just as well as the

native autoit system.

The application is origin based on idears from Rob Saunders but totally rewritten and

has extended powers as to build up a library of updates, as to use both install scripts

as to update from zip archive files and to make ReInstall directly from this library list...

No limits in special update entries attached, two examples included: Koda and SciTe,

Please edit the path before use!!!...

Source code, install/uninstaller and a topics is included...

Download from site:


kjactive :lmao:

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Looks good, but it is taking 50% of my cpu while downloading the beta?

Edited by big_daddy

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Yes that's true - 78% on my computer but free the CPU use again alright, It is though a generel problem with Autoit3 that in some conditions is very CPU hungry but I did do some messures in my script to avoid overheat as I stoped the msg ticking when there is 'no value returned' and my preprocessor did not include whole UDFs, only the functions used...

kjactive :lmao:

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