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Excel issue with Range.Value

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 Hi Guys,

I have a strange issue - maybe i miss something.

This works in excel VBA:  Range("A252:A255").Value = "test"

This doesnt work from AutoIt : $oExcel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Activesheet.Range("A252:A255").Value = "test"

What am i doing wrong? i dont get any errors - i do have an error handler to check for those, nothing pops up.

Turned out i had completely different issue - the above works from Autoit, it didnt work few times due to a bug - after restart of excel it works.

What i try to do is implement something like:

$oExcel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Activesheet.Range("A252:A255").Formula = '=O&row()/AE&row()/AF&row()' 

Which produces in excel "=@O&ROW()/@AE&ROW()/@AF&ROW()" which doesn't evaluate and gives an excel formula error.

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wrong issue
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Managed to implement this with:

$oExcel.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Activesheet.Range("A252:A255").FormulaR1C1 = '=INDIRECT("O"&ROW())/INDIRECT("AE"&ROW())/INDIRECT("AF"&ROW())'

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