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Adjust webcam parameters through script

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Im Currently trying to find a way to adjust the "Zoom" and "Focus" settings of my webcam through the script.

The goal would later be to have a slider like in the windows video capture settings window on the picture below in my own gui.

But im really not sure how access this parameters.


Is this maybe somehow over a DllCall possible?

Unfortunetly I so far never worked with DllCalls so im not really sure how to start.


Already many thanks for your help.

Best regards

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Try the OpenCV UDF, while I didnt need the zoom and focus functions (as my webcam didnt support ihem) I did need the other hardware settings, and thanks to Mylise's UDF I got it working.

It's a quite old UDF and OpenCV has changed since then, so you may either need to get hold of an old OpenCV or read the posts by mlipok and others in the OpenCV UDF thread to get it working, but I did get it working back then.


Some guy's script + some other guy's script = my script!

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Hi Werty,


Thank you for your help. I read the Opencv UDF post and put all the necessary .au3 scritps into my script folder.

Something I do not 100% understand is how i "connect" opencv itself to my script. Do i have to move any .dll files from opencv to my script folder or even run my script in the opencv installation folder?


Sorry for asking such a stupid question but im still a beginner in programming.

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