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Richedit Control and UNIX

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is there an option for richedit to display @LF same way as @CRLF ?

This is needed for displaying linux files for servers to make them readable.

in notepad++ it's working this way in notepad not.

it's not for changing @LF to @CRLF.

the format should be kept for saving.

thanks for assistance.

cheers mike

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Did you try replacing all @LF, that don't have a preceding @CR, with @CRLF?  That's what the StringAddCR() does.  Well, I don't know if it replaces the @LF with @CRLF  or inserts the @CR before the @LF.  But the end result is the same.  :)


I just did a quick test.  Actually, StringAddCR() isn't quite that smart.  It will add a @CR before every @LF, regardless of whether it had a preceding @CR or not.  Therefore, I would use a regex to do the find/replace -- only replacing solo @LF's with @CRLF.  If you know that your text files will not have any @CRLFs, then StringAddCR() works fine.  Not sure why a file would have mixed line endings, but if it's possible, the regex find/replace would clean them up for display in a RichEdit control.


$sText = "This is a test." & @LF & @CRLF

ConsoleWrite("Before              = " & StringToBinary($sText) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("After (StringAddCR) = " & StringToBinary(StringAddCR($sText)) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("After (regex)       = " & StringToBinary(_StringLFtoCRLF($sText)) & @CRLF)

Func _StringLFtoCRLF($sText)
    Return StringRegExpReplace($sText, "(?<!\x0D)\x0A", @CRLF)

Console output:

Before              = 0x54686973206973206120746573742E0A0D0A
After (StringAddCR) = 0x54686973206973206120746573742E0D0A0D0D0A
After (regex)       = 0x54686973206973206120746573742E0D0A0D0A


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hi xman,

thanks for your answer.

the problem is not replacing @LF with @CRLF,
but if I save the file after changings this cannot keep like this, this must be made undo.

so in fact: I must analize the file if it's UNIX or not, keep this info in a variable like $bLinux = True.
Replace @LF with @CRLF for reading the file, and when I want to save file, look if $bLinux is True.
In this case I must replace @CRLF with @LF and then save it.

I thought, there would be perhaps already exist an easier way in richedit.
remember it's just for displaying the file readable, not for modifying it.

Cheers mike

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