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Looking for a specific file name

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hi :P 

i work im a sotre and we all put our backup files in a local server... 

now.. i need "merge" some files and send they to backup... 
the problem is... the arent in the same folder... for real just some os u folder will "recive" this files.. (our O.S file to be more specific...) 

so at end of the day i have to check all the folders... pick this files.. print... then in the nex day the OSs can go to production.. 

then my "make my day better" idea is.. can i make a program to look inside all folders of some dir and copi all file with "ordem de serviço" in name (order of service in my leng) 
to a folder like "c:\OS\@MDAY & @MON & @YEAR\"
but i cant find file filter.... or file Search... 

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