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Using FF.au3 + MozRepl in 2021

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Hi, guys! My first post here, thought I'd share something I came across yesterday, whilst playing around with Firefox forks.


It seems MozRepl still works in currently updated browsers that use the XUL framework (ie pre-quantum Firefox).

I got a copy of the MozRepl add-on from the Classic Add-Ons archive (https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive)

I noticed there are posts requesting the xpi file, so I've attached a copy of the xpi file from the archive in this post. You can also download the file directly at https://ca-archive.us.to/storage/264/264678/mozrepl-1.1.2-fx.xpi?origin=caa&action=install



Now, regarding the browsers where mozrepl can be installed successfully, here are some browsers I installed it on successfully:

Pale Moon (you need to edit the install.rdf file to make it compatible)  http://www.palemoon.org/

MyPal https://mypal-browser.org/

Basilisk (a fork of FF 52 ESR) http://basilisk-browser.org/

Centaury (a fork of Basilisk) https://github.com/Feodor2/Centaury

I haven't tried using it with SeaMonkey, but since SeaMonkey is also XUL, I'm guessing it would work.


I also enabled Telnet (was disabled in my windows installation, for some reason) and used PuTTY to connect to the repl shell (localhost 4242 telnet).

It seems to be connecting just fine.


Now, what I'm wondering is how one can edit the FF.au3 UDF to accomodate one of these browsers. I know webdriver UDF is the current automation library of choice on the forum, and it's fantastic, but it would be fun to have a corresponding library for browsers like Pale Moon (which, I'll admit, I'm somewhat partial too, probably because I really like the classic mid-2000s UI).

I'm considering taking this up myself as a hobby project, and something I could give back to the community, so I was hoping I could get a few pointers on which functions in the FF.au3 UDF I should be editing to get it to work smoothly on Mozilla forks?

Thanks! And I'm glad to finally be a part of this forum, after having lurked on it for the better part of a year :)


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Just tested it, FF.au3 works out-of-the-box with all the browsers I mentioned :) The only function that doesn't seem to work (for obvious reasons) is __FFStartProcess() but that's not an issue, I can use ComSpec to run the browser process.

Thank you so much for this amazing UDF!

Regarding the lurking, ah, well, the thing is, I'm just a hobbyist, I don't code full-time, and over the past year I've been learning AutoIT just because it saves me so much time in data-entry work. And every time I wanted to join the forum I would just get intimidated by all the pros and the high level at which you guys are developing libraries here. Finally decided to join today, now that I have something (albeit something very minor) to contribute :)

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I can't find a working link to FFex.au3, although it's mentioned in some forum posts as having additional functions (for cookies etc). Has the UDF been removed?

Edit: can't find the UDF files for Firefox Download manager either. It seems all the files stored on @Stilgars website are inaccessible or unavailable. Would really appreciate it if someone here has a backup.

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