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My download package seems to come up short. Can someone give me some ideas?

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I am a long time autoit user but have not used it for a few years.. I just downloaded the latest version the one that is selfloading exec.. and it appears to be missing a lot of stuff... here is what it looks like when i type "Autoexe" into the Windows Task Bar..
Autoit Windows Info (x86) heck i don't want the info window.. plus it says froze.

Autoit V3 Setup. exe  (never seen the setup come up in the task bar.

Autoit - 123

Autoit 123 Source

Autoit Windows Info (x86

I sure do not want all the info windows.

Have i done something wrong... I am familiar with Auto it so i know this is not right.

I can see the file i downloaded on my hard drive and its named.. autoexec v3 setup.exe and is 12,011 bytes..

This seems weird... the computer i originaly downloaded to is pretty old so I downloaded to a NEW Lenov puter and did the same thing.

any suggestions would be appreciated.



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