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_WinAPI_StretchBlt problem with Beta 15.4

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I recently run in a bug with _WinAPI_StretchBlt. If I scale an image over a specific size  (SourceImage: 1860x77524) to a destination size of 1860x58143 pixels the function fails with an error (error: true, extended: 0). Below this size (for example as source size 1860x66114) works. I dont know where exactly the threshold of error is, but the lower resolution works and the higher not.

It seems to be connected to the function _WinAPI_SetStretchBltMode($hCompDC, $STRETCH_HALFTONE). If I create the WinAPI buffer without the better antialiasing $STRETCH_HALFTONE, the _WinAPI_StretchBlt function does not fail.

I used beta v3.3.15.4

What could cause this? Any help appreciated.





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