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Calculation Mistakes in Large Arrays

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23 hours ago, JockoDundee said:

So this “managed C++” thing I’ve read about never caught on?  It sounds like the C++ language but using a JVM…. Is that where C# came from?

I mean its just all about how you want to do stuff.  Again anyone could write c++ code all day long and not call new or delete.  Theres managed classes built into the c++ standard that take care of there own memory and that aspect can almost be completely ignored.  This is probably more user friendly especially for noobs and that's great.  It does make life easier when you have much bigger fish to fry.  Thats one of the best things about c++ is that besides syntax and the type rules etc you can literally do whatever you want however you want to do it.  A reason a person wouldn't use the built in "managed" classes/containers is to ensure that they're getting the maximum speed and efficiency.  Using new and delete to make a dynamic array is going to be more efficient than using a built in library bc there is some overhead associated with using them.  That and having control over when memory is resized an how often ect can be huge in terms of efficiency.        I've been playing around with c++ long enough that to further my understanding of how things work as an exercise I try to recreate the behavior of some of the built in features.  That being said you can literally write your own features.   I was thinking about the smart pointer thing so I wrote my take on a few different smartpointer classes that kinda go together. .  It seems to work pretty good.  https://pastebin.com/y676MSqL  uses reference counting.   And yes c# is basically c++ with alot more bs rules and it cleans up after itself supposedly.  C# has a handful of things that just irritate me to no end but as far as gui building.... theres no comparison its so feature rich and easy to use.  I wouldn't even bother to try to make a c++ gui.  That and the ease of use with multithreading is nice, c++ multithreading is kinda annoying but it can be done.  The event callback system in c# is fantastic.   That would be a good project to build my own version of the callback system in c++... maybe i'll do that tomorrow.  But ya check out that pastebin. 

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it's not the number of lines you write, it's what they do. C and C++ are FAR superior to what the OP is doing and not using the appropriate language is a huge mistake and waste of time/energy/money

and (at the fear of repeating myself) E4A relies on internal dlls written (by yours truly)  in C++, based upon Eigen and boost. Eigen is used extensively in science, engineering, robotics, and CG. And

I think it only fair to count the lines inserted by any new #include statement, recursively of course

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