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Hi i'm new in this forum and i have little question.

i tried to do dircopy and show a progress bar while the copy running and stuck with a problrm until the dircopy finish the script not continue running. this is the code i write:

ProgressOn("Copy BMC Image Files", "Installation complete", "0%")

dircopy ("C:\Techsup", "c:\test", 0)


$sourcesize = round(dirgetsize("C:\Techsup")/1024/1024)

$destinationsize = round(dirgetsize("c:\test")/1024/1024)

$dirpercentsize = $destinationsize/$sourcesize*100

ProgressSet($dirpercentsize,$dirpercentsize & "%")

until $dirpercentsize = 100

ProgressSet($dirpercentsize, "Done", "Complete")



anyone have any idea how can i fix it?

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Welcome to the forums.

Since AutoIt is not multithreaded, it processes commands one after another. You may use alternate approaches to simulate DirCopy behaviour:

1. Use FileCopy() (use function recursively for sub directories) and update the progress bar based on the no. of files to copy and no. of files copied.

2. Use above approach but update the progress bar based on the no. of bytes copied and no. of bytes left to copy.

3. Use the Windows Dir Copy progress dialog (through API DllCall)

For a discussion of all these approaches, refer to this topic:




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